If you've ever been at the McDonald’s drive-thru and wondered whether you should get that 50-piece box of Chicken McNuggets, boy, do we have the video for you.

The YouTube channel Hellthy Junk Food (the same lunatics that created a Pork-Stuffed Mac N' Cheetos Pizza earlier this year) recently decided to forgo the drive-thru all together and make their own gargantuan version of the bite-sized fried chicken snack.

In the clip above, hosts Julia and JP each take a giant package of ground chicken and form their own nugget-shaped meat boulders. After whipping up some egg washes and breading, the hosts freeze their Frankenstein creations for three days.

The video is set up as a competition, so each chef attacks the nugget challenge in their own way. While Julia constructs a boot-shaped behemoth in the style of the McNugget—a replica that came out shockingly close to the original—JP went a more spherical route, à la Wendy's.

Still, when it comes to a competition this disgusting, we’re pretty sure everyone ends up losing.

[via Foodbeast]