Following a two-year sabbatical, Iron Chef America will be returning to Food Network for a brand new season beginning in 2017, Variety reported on Monday.

The network's flagship competition series—and the inspiration for a number of bland, copycat cooking shows—is set to launch a new and retooled version of the franchise called Iron Chef Gauntlet. Food Network stalwart Alton Brown will once again helm the show, and it appears the host may finally take on the coveted role of "Chairman" this time around.

So far, the network has revealed few details about the new version of the show, other than to say that it will feature "new twists" on the traditional chef-vs.-chef format.

Food Network launched Iron Chef America after the original Japanese version of the show became one of its early breakout hits in the late-1990s. The stateside version debuted in 2005, and was soon followed by "The Next Iron Chef," a program that helped make household names out of cooks like Michael Symon and Marc Forgione.

The network has not taped a new episode of Iron Chef America since 2014, prompting speculation that it had been canceled—something representatives have repeatedly denied. The show's last season saw episodes scheduled irregularly as it appeared to be running out of steam.

Last year, Iron Chef  and Food Network regular Alex Guarnaschelli told fans during a Reddit AMA that she was "confident" the show would soon begin filming once again. For his part, Brown said last month during a Facebook Live broadcast that plans for new episodes were in the works (he's also said he hopes to make new episodes of his food-geek classic "Good Eats!").

Production on Iron Chef Gauntlet is set to begin next year with new episodes expected to air in the middle of 2017.

[via Variety]