Here at Hot Ones, it’s all about giving back. Over the years, everyone from DJ Khaled to Kevin Hart have tried their best to scale Mount Scoville with varying degrees of success. But on Sunday, host Sean Evans decided to put some of the show’s biggest fans (and a couple novices...) to the ultimate test, asking a few brave souls to answer Hot Ones trivia questions while eating some of the spiciest wings known to man.

Coming at you live from ComplexCon in Long Beach, California, the day started innocently enough. Takashi Murakami—the legendary Japanese visual artist, and patron saint of the two-day culture festival—wisely declined Sean’s offer to test Blair's Mega Death Sauce, instead clearing the way for more reckless competitors to battle the Liquid Fury. After answering some fan questions on Twitter, Sean turned his attention to a handful of Hot Ones diehards, grilling them on the series’ most memorable moments.

Though some caved under the pressure, watch the video above to find out which maniac slathered a Coolio-sized dab on his last wing to stunt for the cameras.

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