Fresh off a holiday that's blessed us with video after video of deep-fried turkey fails, we thought we'd pivot to intentional cooking explosions for a change. Unfortunately, we only found one: meet Dynamite Erik. He's a self-proclaimed "dynamite expert" from the remote town of Umeå in northern Sweden. Little is known about Erik other than the fact that he's Swedish, he wears red headphones, and he has a YouTube channel that shows him blowing shit up with, well, dynamite. 

As it turns out, Erik is a farmer who has worked professionally with dynamite since age 15. He preaches safety ("It's really important that you take care of the risks because if you hurt someone, it's over"), and seems willing to blow up just about anything. His most popular video is a clip of him destroying a computer—so far it's gone Swedish-viral, garnering more than 760,000 views.

Still, Erik's most recent video shows him using dynamite to actually enhance the target of his explosion for the first time. On a cold, chilly afternoon, Erik can be seen dropping a bag of meat (species and provenance of the animal unknown...) into a plastic container before filling it with water. He then runs a detonating cord into the bag and explains that the explosion will create vibrations of 6,500 meters-per-second, thus making the meat "really, really tender."

After a massive explosion, and few seconds of maniacal laughter, Erik retrieves the meat from the bag and tosses it on the grill. In the end, as he savors a bite that he tore from his barbecue tongs, he assures us that "dynamite meat is the best meat." Sure it is, Erik.

[via YouTube/Swedish dynamite]