Jamal Hinton has a busy Thanksgiving coming up. The 17-year-old has plans with his own family in Phoenix, Arizona, and now, after accidentally getting looped into a group text, he might have another turkey dinner in the works, too.

According to BuzzFeed, who spoke to the teenager on Wednesday, Hinton was going about his business this week when he started receiving texts from an unknown number asking about his Thanksgiving plans. When Hinton responded, the woman on the other end said that she was his grandmother. Skeptical, but not wanting to miss out on the possibility of some extra turkey and stuffing, he asked his “grandma” for some proof.  

“I really thought it was my grandma so I had to ask for a picture to make sure," Hinton told BuzzFeed.

When she sent a selfie, Hinton sent one right back, proving to the woman that they probably aren’t related after all. Still, not wanting to miss out on a free meal, Hinton threw up the Hail Mary, texting back, "Can I still get a plate tho?"

“Of course you can,” the woman answered. “That’s what grandmas do...feed everyone.”

Hinton later shared screenshots of the conversation on Twitter, and the post has since be retweeted 183,000 times, and liked 387,000. Pretty soon, everyone was asking if they could come grab a plate at this grandma’s Turkey Day feast.

Understandably, the woman changed her phone number (she was receiving some, uh, lewd text messages as a result of the tweet), but don't think that means Jamal is missing out on his turkey.

"I plan on texting her today and asking for the address to Thanksgiving because, hey, another plate on Thanksgiving is always great," Hinton told Mashable. "If I was invited to their Thanksgiving for real, yes I would go."

Hey, can we come, too?

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