Gordon Ramsay, the short-tempered chef behind shows like Hell's Kitchen, The F Word, and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, has a way with words, to put it gently. Over the course of his 12-year career as a television host and celebrity chef, Ramsay has told aspiring young cooks to go fuck themselves approximately 1 billion times.

While his restaurants have earned some 16 Michelin stars over the years, Ramsay’s true talent as an artist is coming up with increasingly creative ways to shatter his contestants’ innermost hopes and dreams. In one episode, the Scottish born chef famously made a woman put her head between two slices of bread and call herself an “idiot sandwich.” Though it's been said that Ramsay’s merciless mocking of his proteges is all a performance, the chef should have been handed an Academy Award from Daniel Day-Lewis for that one.

Regardless of what you think of Ramsay, his talent for going on brutal, expletive-filled tirades is undeniable. And now, thanks to a Facebook page called “That Tickled Me,” we can enjoy an uncensored supercut of Ramsay’s best F-bombs in all their glorious, cockney glory. Unsurprisingly, the video is over 15-minutes-long, and emotionally exhausting.

Here are 10 of Ramsay’s harshest one-liners.

“Listen, listen, listen, listen. Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off, fuck off. Get out! Get out!”

“Fuck off you fat useless sack of fucking Yanky danky doodle shite. Fuck off with you please, yeah?”

“You’re about as fucking consistent as pigeon shit on Chicago Square.”

“Hey excuse me, madam. Fuck me? How ‘bout fuck you?”

“This is the kind of shit you’d expect Tiger Woods to tee off with. Rubber, rubber, rubber!”

“Just take one good look at yourselves in the mirror, ‘cause it’s a fucking disgrace.”

“You’re cooking in a burnt pan you fucking dick!”

“Honestly, for the first time in my fucking cooking career, I’m in the kitchen with Muppets.”

“Can I repeat that? Yeah, let me repeat that. Fuck yourself.”

“I’ll get you more pumpkin and I’ll ram it right up your fucking ass. Would you like it whole or diced?”

[via Foodbeast]