In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, a large portion of the country’s progressives feel blindsided by the results. After months of watching Hillary Clinton lead in the polls—and witnessing the Democratic nominee win the popular vote by a narrow margin—Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. And though there have been a number of theories as to why the Democrats lost the race (“It should have been Bernie!” “Why didn’t Hillary put Cory Booker on the ticket!?”) the answer most frequently regurgitated in the media is that Americans simply don’t listen to one another, too engulfed in their own echo chambers to hear the other side.

Well, Eddie Huang is listening—or, at least trying to. On Friday, Huang—the owner of Baohaus in the East Village, and the host of the Viceland series Huang’s World—shared a clip of an impromptu interview he conducted with a Trump voter named Andria Connell. Sitting outside of Timmy’s Roast Beef in Hyannis, Massachusetts (a state that voted 61 percent Democrat), the pair have a surprisingly civil conversation regarding the state of the nation.

Though Connell is hardly a political scientist, she does seem to voice some of the recurring fears, anxieties, and core beliefs brought up by Trump supporters: that Clinton’s socialist policies would have given rise to Islamist extremism and Sharia Law, and that America is a country built predominantly on Judeo-Christian values. Huang listens patiently to Connell’s stance before offering his rebuttal.

“You have a lot of ideas, and the thing is this: I’m not voting for Trump, I’m not into his policies, but I don’t believe that people voting for him are crazy,”  Huang says. “I want to understand why.”

One thing’s for sure, Huang’s World—and the world at large—is going to look a whole lot different come January.

[via Eddie Huang/YouTube]