When you’re the best at what you do, you tend to surround yourself with other greats. On Tuesday night, David Blaine—maybe the one dude on the planet who actually makes magic tricks look cool—premiered his new special, Beyond Magic, on ABC. And joining him for his sorcery was an all-star cast of characters: Drake, Dave Chappelle, Steph Curry, and Jimmy Butler.

Though the guest list alone makes for one of the most lit parties in history, Blaine also pulled out some next-level party tricks, thoroughly grossing out his some of the world’s greatest comedians, rappers, and ballplayers.

To kick things off, Blaine asks Chappelle to draw a picture of an object that would fit in the palm of Drake’s hand. After making a wildly savage Meek Mill diss, the comedian ultimately draws a fog.

After pausing to think for a moment, Blaine starts regurgitating a bunch of live frogs from his stomach, spitting the slimy creatures into champagne glasses before attempting to hand the beverages to Drizzy, Steph, and Chappelle.

Needless to say, no one at the party was ready for what went down, and Drake—more than anyone else—turned into a squeamish toddler as soon as those frog-filled glasses came near him.

Yup, we'll be re-watching this one for a while.

[via Fox Sports]