Though Mitt Romney dined with Donald Trump at the acclaimed Manhattan restaurant Jean Georges on Tuesday, it looked as if the former governor of Massachusetts was already full from eating his own words all night.

Back at the start of the election, Romney called Trump a "phony," and a "fraud," and questioned the reality T.V. star's ability to take on even the most basic duties as president of the United States. Now that Trump is the new president-elect, it seems Romney has, of course, changed his tune. But the former Republican nominee's facial expression still gives him away, registering somewhere between quiet terror and a smirking plea for sympathy.

Once Twitter got a hold of the photo, it was game over. Not only is the image reminiscent of the infamous Chris Christie hostage crisis of 2016, it also calls to mind Jim Halpert from The Office—the Dunder Mifflin employee who would stare dryly into the camera whenever his colleagues would make fools of themselves.

Essentially, Romney's inner-monologue seemed to read: "Dear God, what have I done?" 

Still, the most surprising piece of the story is that Romney and Trump dined on "fresh marshmallows," which is both literally and figuratively the whitest thing imaginable. 

[via Mashable]