It’s November 8, 2016, and in a few short hours our long, national nightmare will finally come to an end. When the polls close tonight, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the new president elect of the United States of America. One candidate is a graduate of Yale Law School, a former U.S. senator, and served as secretary of state under President Barack Obama; the other’s resume includes stints as a reality TV star and a McDonald’s pitchman. But I digress.

Though Clinton—should she win—had planned to celebrate her victory with fireworks over the New York City skyline, Trump will apparently mark the occasion with a semi-lifelike bust of himself made out of cake.

ABC News national assignment editor Jason Volack first posted a picture of the dessert on Twitter Tuesday as the cake was being wheeled into Trump Tower in Manhattan. Before long, Volack’s mentions were flooded with comments from users lampooning the sad, creepy-looking baked good, and the Republican nominee it represents. Unsurprisingly, the Crying Jordan meme made its presence felt almost immediately. 

[via Twitter/Jason Volack]