Anticipating a particularly snowy winter in northern Japan, Domino’s Pizza is looking for new ways to deliver its pies throughout the country. Over the years, the company has tried everything from 400-pound “delivery robots” to flying drones in the hopes of keeping the world flush with fast-food ‘za, but now desperate times seem to have called for even more desperate measures.

Borrowing a trick from the OG delivery guy—you know, Santa Claus—Domino’s has reportedly invested in a fleet of reindeer, training the animals to deliver hot pizza and cheesy bread sticks to the people of Japan in the event of Snowpocalypse.

Yes, you read that correctly. According to Rocket News 24, Domino's has a number of fail-safe plans in place in case of Snowmageddon. Meteorologists have predicted that Japan will be hit with a number of blizzards and ice storms this winter, so the company  is stocking up on trucks, snow mobiles, and, finally,  a bunch of reindeer with insulated pizza boxes strapped to their backs.

Though the plan might sound like a troll job, reports claim that Domino's Japan is dead serious about the animal-based delivery system, putting the reindeer through training exercises at driving school in Ishikari, a small city on the notoriously frigid island of Hokkaido.

Perhaps seeking to insure the people of Japan that their bellies would remain full of cheese and tomato sauce this winter, Domino's Japan released photos of the reindeer this month. In a statement, the company also claimed that the animals are being handled by trained professionals, so hopefully there won’t be any stampedes or PETA  protests.

Still, if only Domino’s could figure out the whole flying thing, then they'd really be onto something.

[via Rocket News 24]