The holidays can be a lonely time of year for some people. As anyone who's moved to a new city knows, it can often be difficult to find a place to celebrate when your family is across the country. But for Derrick Rose, who moved from Chicago to New York earlier this year to play for the Knicks, finding a place to spend Thanksgiving was no problem at all—he just told Carmelo Anthony he was coming over.

In an interview with ESPN’s Ian Begley on Tuesday, Rose revealed that he wasn’t shy when it came to crashing Anthony’s Turkey Day festivities. And no, the point guard isn’t bringing anything to the dinner, either.

"My mom and everybody, my son, will be back in Chicago. So yeah, I'm thankful I have somewhere to go," Rose told ESPN. "I just asked where his family's [going] and asked if it was cool if I came over. He said yeah so I don't think I have to bring anything but an appetite. Yeah, that's the only thing I have to bring right now."

Damn, Derrick. That's a serious dinner party faux-pas. The fact that 'Melo presumably didn't check with his wife, La La, before giving Rose the green light should raise more than a few red flags, too. As Bleacher Report notes, the new teammates have only played in 13 games together, and this feels more like a postseason ask, if anything.

Luckily, there's still a few days left before Thanksgiving. Rose still has some time to pick up a bottle of wine, or whip up some pumpkin pie, or at the very least grab a bodega snack or two on the way over. Besides, we know that's what 'Melo really wants anyways.

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