Cup Noodles is one of the more straightforward food products on the market. Fork over a couple quarters, add a little boiling water, and in three minutes you have a piping hot bowl of pretty decent instant ramen—no dishes required.

But while the soup has long relied on simplicity as a selling point, Nissin—the manufacturer of the noodle-filled foam containers—has been turning to increasingly over-the-top commercials in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience. Now, the company may have finally outdone itself, following seven samurai as they surf, skate, ski, and pogo-stick their way through the beaches and streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Touching on more or less every “x-treme” sport known to man, the commercial ends with the samurai showing off his soccer juggling while encircled by screaming fans. If this ad doesn’t make you hungry for freeze-dried noodles, maybe it will at least get you to dust off that BMX bike.

[via YouTube/CupNoodlesBrasil]