Cheetos, a company once content with selling cheese-dusted snack foods to America’s youth, is apparently making a play to become the country’s next high-end lifestyle brand, releasing a new “Chestora Collection” complete with Cheeteau Perfume, Colour de Cheetos Bronzer, and some very, very pricey orange-colored bling.

According to Mashable, the jewelry set—which consists of two 18 karat gold earrings and a ring—is the priciest item on the Chestora Collection, costing Cheetos fanatics a whopping $20,000 to get their hands on. The jewelry features orange sapphires and is encrusted with more than 190 black and white diamonds. And while few fans of the 99-cent snack snack item likely have 20 racks just sitting in their bank accounts untouched, there’s only one set of Chestora jewelry in existence, adding to the item’s exclusivity.

"It's really [marketed] towards the ultimate Cheetos fan who really wants to put on display the love that they have for the brand," Ryan Matiyow​, Cheetos’ senior director of marketing, told Mashable. "That's really who would be the hyper target, I would say, for the jewelry set."

While some might be wondering if this is all an elaborate prank—intended to get every man in America dumped on Christmas—Cheetos is dead serious about its new line of products. The company’s website ensures that the items are truly for sale, offering everything from “Flamin’ Hot Pants” and “Dangerously Silk Scarves,” to “Chester Cheetah’s Bathing Briefs” and “Toilet Paw-Per.”

"Despite all the options that are out there, a lot of times the gifts that we give can be uninspired and run of mill," Matiyow said. "This year, we sought to change that by creating a collection of truly unique items that really deliver against the playful and fun personality of the Cheetos brand across a variety of categories."

Cheetos’ Chestora Collection is on sale through its website until December 31. Something tells us there’s a certain president-elect who’s already pre-ordered that Colour de Cheetos Bronzer in bulk.

[via Mashable]