Andrei Shorikov, a kitchen manager at a Cheesecake Factory in Rochester, New York, has reportedly been fired from the restaurant after he was seen donning a blackface Colin Kaepernick costume at a recent company party. The news first broke on the racism, politics, and pop-culture blog the Love Life of an Asian Guy on Tuesday, citing a veteran employee of Cheesecake Factory named Antonea Stevens.

According to Stevens, Shorikov not only dressed in a racist costume—presumably at a company Halloween party—but also "had constant issues with staff for inappropriate contact with female servers, swearing at the kitchen staff." Stevens also accuses Shorikov of using the n-word “liberally” in front of other employees.

Cheesecake seemed to confirm the authenticity of the photo on Twitter Thursday, and let its followers know that the kitchen manager had been terminated.

“The person involved in this incident is no longer employed by our company,” the company wrote. “This behavior is inappropriate, and against our values.” Cheesecake Factory did not immediately respond to First We Feast’s request for comment.

LLAG applauded Cheesecake Factory for its swift action, but that didn’t stop Twitter from laying into Shorikov for his costume all week.

[via LLAG]