It’s been a big couple of days for the Windy City. After a 108-year drought, the Chicago Cubs finally won a World Series, defeating the Cleveland Indians in an extremely tense Game 7. And just a few hours before the game, Kit Kat posted an alternate version of its commercial with Chi-Town’s hometown hero, Chance the Rapper.

Are both of those events of equal importance to the City by the Lake? OK, fine, probably not. But if Bill Murray gets to celebrate the Cubs’ big W with a Champagne shower, damnit, Chano gets to celebrate with some chocolate-covered wafers.

In the new spot, Chance is still wearing his signature “3” hat, but ditches his Halloween costume. Perusing the aisles, the MC stops to pick up a Kit Kat bar, admiring the singing “Chance the Wrapper” on the candy’s package.

Though in the first commercial, Chance simply remarks on how good his jingle is and goes on his merry way, in the new ad, he stop to chat a bit with the anthropomorphic candy bar.

“We’re both Chance the Rapper” the face on the Kit Kat says. “No, I get it,” Chano mutters, rolling his eyes.

Between starring in a new movie, and appearing in a slew of ad campaigns, let’s hope we get some more music from Chance in the near future—at least a couple tracks that don’t feature the words “Gimme a Break” as a the hook.

[via XXL]