Greg Foster, we salute you. Having worked as a pepper farmer in Irvine, California for years, Foster finally etched his name in the history books this week after consuming 120 grams of Carolina Reapers in just one minute.

Judges from the Guinness Book of World Records were on hand at the Arizona Hot Sauce Expo this past Sunday, waiting to see if Foster could finally consume enough of the peppers to set a new record.

Created by Smokin’ Ed Currie, the Carolina Reaper is a Frankenstein creation said to be the most fiery chili pepper in existence, clocking in at roughly 2.2 million on the Scoville Heat Scale. And while just one of the peppers is usually enough to make a grown man sob like a little baby, Foster was able to successfully wolf down near .3 pounds of the capsaicin-packed fruit. Even so, Foster only beat the previous world record (set by Wayne Algenio six months ago at the New York Hot Sauce Exp) by one single gram.

Though the record for eating Carolina Reapers may have been broken, it’s unlikely that the chili’s title as world’s hottest pepper will be challenged anytime soon. But if you're still not impressed by Foster’s death-defying accomplishment, maybe Currie—the founder, president, and mad scientist and chef” of PuckerButt Pepper Company—can convince you.

"This is truly an amazing feat, the Carolina Reaper is bred for heat (and taste),” the Reaper godfather said in a press release. “Eating even one Carolina Reaper pepper challenges the most daring of Pepperheads."

Only time will tell if Foster's record holds up, but something tells us he'd even give Sean Evans and Chili Klaus a run for their money.

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