A group of Ontario, Canada, thieves finds itself behind bars today after their auto shop and criminal club house were raided, and police uncovered, among other things, $22,000 worth of smooth, chocolaty, Nutella spread. 

According to Munchies, the York Regional Police had been tracking the car thieves and their stolen luxury vehicles to Benefit Motors and finally executed Operation Cyclone, a sting that landed 23 people in jail. This bust included Balwinder Dhaliwal, a 60-year-old man whom the Canadian cops had dubbed the "King of Car Thieves." 

The bust resulted in $5 million of recovered goods, including 60 pricey whips worth $3 million; $200,000 in cash, drugs and firearms; and the aforementioned trailer of Nutella jars. 

“If there was a profit to be made by this group, this group would jump on the opportunity,” Detective Sergeant Paul LaSalle of the York Regional Police said. 

The police investigation had been going on since 2015, so who knows how much Nutella the crew was able to supply to Canada's culinary black market. 

Police say the thieves were selling the hazelnut spread for about half of retail price, so if you were making toast with illegal Canadian spreads, it might be time to find a new plug. 

[via Munchies]