Cam Newton may be the NFL’s reigning MVP, but the Carolina Panther’s aren’t exactly off to a great start this season, losing five of their first seven games. So when Newton and the Panthers managed to squeeze out a win against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, you know the star quarterback had to break out his priciest kicks and flex on all the haters during the post-game interview.

While flashy clothing has become a staple in both the NBA and the NFL over the years—and Newton has often made headlines with his Arby’s-esque hats and decorative fur tailsthe QB’s shoes this week were too much for some fans to handle. According to the Internet, Cam's fresh, new sneaks share a striking resemblance to cheese—particularly a nice pepper jack or dill havarti, if you want to get fancy with it.

A target on the field as well as online, Newton and his shoes were quickly subjected to merciless mocking on a little website called

According to Darren Rovell, ESPN’s sports business reporter, the kicks are actually $1,100 shoes made by Giuseppe Zanotti, the Italian-born footwear designer, and not hunks of cheese molded around Newton’s toes.

While much of the debate has been over exactly what kind of cheese the shoes resemble, Twitter users have also been comparing the sneakers to cookies and cream, pizza dippers, and bread sticks.

Though Newton’s signature cheese shoes are one of the more egregious examples of a football fashion faux pas, earlier this year the Internet had a lot of fun clowning on the Miami Dolphins new uniforms—which everyone pretty much agreed looked like creamsicles and cheese puffs.

[via Munchies]