Back in 2004, Jon Heder kickstarted his Hollywood career with a cargo pocket full of tater tots as the title character in Napoleon Dynamite, a goofy indie flick about a boy and his llama. Now, more than 12 years later, Heder is reprising his role and reuniting with co-star Efran Ramirez (don’t act like you forgot about Pedro…) for Burger King's new “Cheesy Tots” ad campaign.

Released on Tuesday, the new commercial shows the fictional best friends sitting at a booth as Heder tries to scam Ramirez out of all his tots—just like the good ol’ days. Though Heder now appears sans frizzy hair and glasses—and starred in a number of success comedies since 2004—in our hearts, he'll always be that lanky, awkward teen with a taste for fried potatoes and pants pockets.

Still, Napoleon wasn't the only one craving some potato puffs in recent years. Burger King discontinued its Cheesy Tots back in 2009, but due to popular demand on social media, the fast-food chain decided to bring the item back for the holidays.

“Fans have been craving the return of Cheesy Tots for some time now,” Alex Macedo, Burger King’s president of North American operations, said in a press release. “We wanted to give loyalists a holiday surprise after we heard so many of their requests. Now they’ll be able to warm up to these cozy cheese and potato bites this holiday season.”

Maybe next year Burger King will finally release a Dang Quesadilla and really make Napoleon happy.

[via TMZ]