Perhaps fearing a decline in the U.S. birthrate, Apple caved to public demand and reinstated its original butt-shaped peach emoji on Tuesday, instantaneously improving the sext lives of millions of Americans.

Fore those who missed out on the tragedy that occurred earlier this month, a new iOS 10.2 update turned Apple’s old, curvaceous peach emoji into a basic, narrow-hipped piece of fuzzy fruit. Public outraged ensued, with the Internet fearing the update would destroy sexting as we know it. After all, what's the point of sending a suggestive eggplant emoji if one can't follow it up with a seductive, ass-inspired nectarine? The update felt more than a little sexist, if we’re being honest.

Still, Apple is a merciful lord, and decided to change the peach emoji back to its original glory. Users found the butt substitute magically reappear on their keyboards this week, and needless to say, the Internet was overjoyed, causing peaches to flow on social media like never before in celebration of the victory.

As theΒ Next WebΒ points out, the shift back to the oldΒ emojiΒ not only shows that Apple is listening to its customers, but also that the company is aware all those peaches aren’t referring to produce. People are just really obsessed with butts.

[via Mashable]