Thanksgiving is fast approaching, so of course Mario Batali and his co-hosts over at ABC's The Chew decided to have their own “Turkey Day Potluck” this week. And while inviting Anthony Bourdain to the festivities might sound like a no-brainer (the man will talk your ear off about the benefits of dark meat vs. white meat….), Thanksgiving in Parts Unknown land is anything but traditional.

The fourth Thursday of November may typically conjure up images of mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy, but instead Tony decided to bring rice cakes, kimchi, hot dogs, and Spam in the hopes of making Korean army stew. Known as budae jjigae, the dish was born out of scavenging during the Korean, and over the years Bourdain has taken a liking to the thick noodle soup, putting the recipe in his most recent cookbook, Appetites.

While Batali is known for being a good sport, one would be hard pressed to find a container of budae jjigae in the aisles at Eataly. According to Bourdain, the dish’s beauty is in its simplicity—serving as the perfect dorm room food—but Batali took things one step further.

"Guy Fieri could make this dish!” the chef shouted, throwing some oak tree-sized shade at the Mayor of Flavortown while donning a pair bright orange Crocs. “Oh, that’s so cruel, man,” Bourdain shot back. “So cruel.”

While Bourdain's rivalry with the bleach blond Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host is well-documented, online Batali was called out for slighting not only Fieri, but also Tony by just making the comparison.

Batali, for his part, extended an olive branch to Fieri in the form of emojis.

[via The Chew]