As Americans set out to cast their votes on Tuesday—choosing to either elect Trump Grill owner Donald Trump, or former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton—chances are they’ll continue to encounter some very, very long lines at the polls. And while performing one’s civic duty can often work up an appetite, luckily a few upstanding citizens are delivering car-loads of free pizza to voting sites today, encouraging Americans to wait out this country’s tedious electoral process on a full stomach.

According to Eater, the pies are coming courtesy of Pizza to the Polls, an anonymous, non-partisan website that aims to pair “piping hot 'za” with America’s hunger for freedom and democracy. Though voters have experienced long lines around the country, some 4,000 people waited to vote early in Cincinnati, Ohio this week, and the organization’s services are quickly becoming a necessity on Election Day.

Pizza to the Polls sent pizza to three different polling places during the early voting period—including 16 pies to the massive, Supreme-level line in Cincinnati—but the organization’s work didn’t end there. So far, Pizza to the Polls has raised $14,452, placing 3,442 orders on behalf of hungry voters around the country.  

“Americans are hungry for democracy and are turning out in record numbers to vote. But that means long lines and sometimes empty stomachs, which might discourage these brave patriots from performing their civic duty,” the organization’s website reads. “Send us reports of long lines and we'll send in the delicious reinforcements.”

Though the name Pizza to the Polls really says it all—and the group has been using the website SliceLife to find local pizzerias near polling centers—the organization is full of true populists, ordering other, non-cheese-based foodstuffs like breakfast burritos and bagels as well. 

To get pizza sent to the long line you're stuck in, hit up Pizza to the Polls on Twitter, or head to the organization’s website.

[via Eater]