In a freak accident on the Delaware Memorial Bridge this Sunday, a van carrying $50,000 worth of weed candy went up in flames en route from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., NBC 10 reports.

Though the idea of a bunch of marijuana infused lollipops going up in flames—their wrappers advertising flavors like “Lemon Drop Kush” and “AK-47”—sounds like a stoner’s dream, the fire caused huge plumes of black smoke to float over the bridge.

“Dr. Dro,” the mysterious owner of Weed World Candies, told the NBC affiliate that his company was busy visiting college campuses, and other drivers captured footage of the fire on their phones. The wreck closed two northbound lanes, caused heavy traffic jams, and ultimately led to a number of firefighters arriving on the scene.

According to the company’s website, Weed World Candies has been selling pot-infused lollipops and Rice Krispie treats since 1999, hoping to “get marijuana and hemp legalized and industrialized” across the US. Equipped with a fleet of candy vans, the company peddles its goods all over the country—though Sunday’s event may put a serious damper on Dr. Dro’s weed-slinging operations for the foreseeable future.

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