Food porn accounts are a dime a dozen these, but the Vulgar Chef—a.k.a. Kyle Marcoux—has always been the food porn anti-hero the world never knew it needed. Providing fans with a free recipe book of deranged dishes like ice cream cookie tacos, leftover Chinese food cupcakes, and pork butt mac n’ cheese chimichanga, Marcoux is the undisputed GOAT when it comes to terrifying food mash-ups.

No doubt inspired by a deep love of cheese-smother bread and cheap, American brew, Marcoux has now created the ultimate beer companion: the Pizza Koozie. Is it a poozie? Is it kizza? Marcoux leaves the choice up to his viewers as he walks us through this incredibly necessary accessory. 

“Today I’m going to show you guys how to make a completely a ridiculous, totally inconvenient, but still delicious pizza koozie,” he says. “ We got dough, we got ‘roni, we got cheese, we got some sort of Italian spice. And we’ve got a bunch of PBR tallboys to go along with it. A pizza koozie makes too much sense.”

While the pizza koozie may actually, you know, heat up the beer rather than keep it cold, it’s difficult to deny the ingenuity behind the invention.

“What a fucking time to be alive,” Marcoux says before wrapping his tallboy of Pabst in cheese and dough.

In the end, he even turns an empty can into a cup for dipping sauce. Don’t threaten the Vulgar Chef with a good time, yall.

[via Foodbeast]