Every city has its own unique traditions and quirks. But in New York City—300 square miles of land packed with 8 million people, and 16,500 corner stores—questioning the method behind the madness is rarely worth the time.

Unfortunately, a woman named “Diana D.” didn’t follow this simple, unspoken rule this week, instead taking to Yelp to complain about a cat at a bodega on 2nd Avenue and 5th Street in Manhattan.

As any real New Yorker knows, a cat is a crucial component of a functional bodega, helping to chase away mice and other unwanted vermin. In her review of S.K. Deli Market, however, Diana says she was pleased with the shop up until the point she saw the store’s cat hanging out on some merchandise.

“To my dismay," writes Diana, "there was a cat, perched upon some cases of Budweiser in the middle of the store!!"

The one-star review has since been removed, but that didn’t stop New Yorkers from dragging the living hell out of the woman on Twitter, blasting the reviewer for her ignorance and pledging their support to the city’s bodega cat population.

Earlier this year, the Kid Mero—one half the Bodega Boys podcast, and the new Viceland show Desus & Merotold First We Feast just how important these cats are to a store's success. 

“It’s super crucial, especially if they make sandwiches there,” the Bronx bully explained. “Because if the bodega cat is there you know the mice are not there, all up in your meat, all up in your smoked turkey,” If the bodega cat is there—and if it’s a little mangy, and it’s got a fucked up eye—then you know it’s been in a war.”

“Bodega cats are the reincarnated souls of people killed by the NYPD,” his partner, Desus Nice, added. “It’s true.”

In light of Diana’s slanderous review, New York showed its support of bodega cats by launching a petition on Change.org, calling on Mayor Bill De Blasio to legally allow felines in the city stores. S.K. Deli Market’s owner reportedly has to pay the Department of Health hundreds of dollars in fines to keep his cat in his shop.​

“As a long time New Yorker i grew up seeing cats inside of bodegas. I would like to see it made legal to have cats in a bodega in New York city,” the petition reads. “The fact that cats are not legal in bodegas but dogs are legal in restaurants is a complete joke.”

[via Grub Street]