In the wake of Hurricane Nicole, Tristan Loescher went out looking to hook a couple grey snappers, something he’s been doing as a fisherman and lobsterman in Bermuda for the past 15 years. Instead, what Loescher got was a terrifying, 14-pound “sea monster” at the end of his line—a massive, science fiction-like crustacean blown in by the force of the storm.

According to Fox13, Loescher’s catch first started grabbing national headlines after the fisherman took some photos of the lobster and posted them to the Sanctuary Marine Bermuda Facebook page on Saturday. In just a few short days, the post has been shared more than 15,000 times, with users expressing their amazement over the prehistoric-looking crustacean and its massive antennas.

“Hurricane Nicole blew in some sea monsters,” the post reads. 14lb lobster, caught and released!

Though the prospect of a 14-pound lobster may seem unbelievable—stretching far past the length of Loescher’s torso as he poses with the creature—the Guinness world record for the largest crustacean is a whopping 44-pound beast caught off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1977.

Still, the average lobster weighs between just one and three pounds, according to the New York Daily News, and Loescher’s catch easily dwarfs the standard, chopped up lobster roll. True to his word, Loescher resisted eating his haul, and also opted against donating it to an aquarium. Instead, he tossed the lobster back into the depths of the Bermuda waters where it belongs.

“Never in my life have I seen anything this big,” Loescher told Inside Edition. “I think never in my life will I see one this big again.”

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