Taco Bell is basically the Dr. Frankenstein of the fast-food world. The restaurant chain's greatest hits—the Doritos Locos Taco, the Cheetos Burrito, and the Naked Crispy Chicken Shell—read like they came from the imagination of a nine-year-old. Still, while the company has made some feeble attempts to upend the sweets game, dessert has often been neglected when it comes to the Taco Bell menu. That is, until now.

Available now in the UK, the Kit Kat Chocodilla is—unsurprisingly—like a grilled flour quesadilla, only the cheese has been replaced with a layer of gooey chocolate and crispy wafers. The new item is a spin on the company's original Chocodilla, which included chocolate chips as its filling. Rest assured, the chocolate chips are still there, but now Taco Bell  has thrown some Kit Kats in the mix, because maybe the U.K.'s diabetes rate just wasn't high enough yet.

In reality, Taco Bell settled on Kit Kats as its new ingredient for the Chocodilla after testing showed the candy to be the most popular option among consumers, according to Brand Eating.

As Thrillist notes, both the U.S. and U.K. arms of Taco Bell are owned by Yum! Brands, so there's a chance the Kit Kat Chocodilla might one day make it stateside. Until that happens, it looks like you're still stuck wrapping Kit Bars in tortillas on your own.

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