Back in college, most of us felt like we lived inside a Taco Bell at one time or another. Homesick, inebriated, and craving a perfectly grilled CrunchWrap Supreme, some of us might have even passed out once or twice on one of the Tex-Mex chain’s gray plastic tables, waking up with bits of tortilla and Border Sauce stuck to our faces.

Well, as it turns out, sometimes dreams really do come true. Thanks to Taco Bell Canada’s new “SteakCation” campaign—a promotion designed to celebrate the launch of the “Steak Doubledilla”—Airbnb users can enter to win a sleepover in an Ontario restaurant with three friends.

“Have you ever dreamed of living in a Taco Bell?” the Airbnb listing reads. “If so, you have really strange dreams. And we have really great news: On October 17th, you and three friends can celebrate the launch of the new Steak Doubledilla by spending the night at Taco Bell playing games, watching TV, and of course, eating plenty of Steak Doubledillas.”

While this entire evening sounds like a fast-food Tex-Mex fan’s wet dream, the best part is that everything—including the food and lodging—is absolutely free.

Photos of the listing make the Bell-and-breakfast look like a tricked out college dorm room, featuring Taco Bell branded throw pillows, a big couch, a couple arm chairs, a beanbag chair (obviously), and a bunk bed towering over a trash can. Who could ask for more?

Our only suggestion is to consider inviting friends you feel comfortable sharing a bathroom with—like, very comfortable. Thankfully, the Airbnb listing promises two toilets, though.

[via Eater]