Lauren Ulseth, a former teacher at Lawton Chiles Middle School in Seminole County, Florida, has been suspended for one year and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine after making a racist joke about African Americans, WFTV reports.

For some reason, people continue to make racially-charged analogies about communities of color using various foodstuffs (earlier this year, the Trump campaign released an infographic likening refugees to poisonous Skittles), and now Ulseth has been accused of cracking an ill-advised joke about jelly beans.

"Why is life like a bowl of jelly beans," Ulseth allegedly asked her students during the 2014-2015 school year. "Because no one likes the black ones."

As if that comment wasn't bad enough, the former teacher is also accused of swearing at her students and calling them "morons." According to WFTV, she also made a joke about Mexicans playing "Juan on Juan" basketball, and two other jokes that are too "racy" for the affiliate to publish.

While Ulseth can still technically teach in Florida, she was made to take an ethics course in the wake of the scandal, and it remains unclear if she's found another job.

Though it's unbelievable that someone might need a step-by-step breakdown of why it's problematic to compare black people to jelly beans that "no one likes," Mic describes the psychology behind the jab as such:

To equate "life" to a bowl of jelly beans and to say that "no one likes the black ones" is racist speech. The fact that some people may enjoy black jelly beans is not the issue with Ulseth's statement. The issue is that she manipulated a turn of phrase to translate to "no one likes black people."

People are humans; jelly beans are candy. There's really no comparison.

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