If you're a professional clown, times are probably pretty tough for you these days. In recent weeks, creepy, makeup-covered maniacs have been spotted luring children into the woods in South Carolina, threatening teens with knives on the 6 train in Manhattan, and terrorizing schools in Philadelphia.

Now, Ronald McDonald—one of the world's most popular, burger-sling mimes—has been swept up in the creepy clown witch hunt currently sweeping the nation. Apparently, Ronald has been keeping a low profile recently, and will continue to operate under-the-radar until all this madness blows over.

According to the Associated Press, McDonald's released a statement about Ronald’s whereabouts this week, explaining how he'll be keeping things on the DL as reports of creepy clowns continue to pour in across the country.

“McDonald's Corp. said Tuesday that it is being ‘thoughtful in respect to Ronald McDonald's participation in community events’ as a result of the ‘current climate around clown sightings in communities,’” the AP reports. “The company did not provide any other details about how often its red-haired mascot makes appearances, and how that will change.”

While we understand the panic around the incidents—clowns have always been extremely suss—let’s all take a moment and remember the good times we had with Ron over the years, all the Big Macs and fries we shared with him under the glow of Golden Arches.

It’s not Ron’s fault; he’s just an innocent bystander. Let’s not let a few bad clowns spoil the whole bunch.

[via AP]