Vine died today, and we're a little worse off because of it. Losing the video-sharing application feels like seeing part of the Internet vanish. Vine was many things: a cultural catalyst, a slang originator, a SportsCenter for the digital age, and everything in between. It was a platform for all, but its best content reveled in nothingness. Essentially, it was Seinfeld's 21st century spirit animal, and the perfect representation of modern-day absurdity.

Because success on Vine wasn't discriminatory (it didn't favor sports footage over reality-TV bloopers, for example), the app housed tons of great food- and drink-related loops. We've seen everything from Guy Fieri horrifically slurping up noodles, to people flying potatoes around their rooms to the tune of Frank Ocean. Vine, perhaps better than any other social-media platform, spotlighted today's food-and-drink world for what it was: a glorious mix of high and low culture. As long as your shit was weird (and well-edited), you were alright by Vine. 

On the day Vine goes six feet deep, let's re-watch some of our favorite food-related clips. Luckily, we'll still be able to fire off fire Tweets with the following videos for years to come. For that, bless up, fam.

1. The up-close noodle-suck. 

2. The Pillsbury Dopeboy.

3. The original Gucci Mane remix. 

4. The baby carrot Bluetooth. 

5. The alternate ending to “Seven."

6. The Nilla wafer roll-by. 

7. The Quiznos hype man. 

8. The Krispy Kreme backflip fail. 

9. The infamous lolipop share. 

10. The foolproof hater-blockers. 

11. The true mayor of Flavortown. 

12. The Frank Ocean potato cover. 

13. The sensational cheesecake. 

14. The French bakery crazed cat.

15. The Guy Fieri Lean Cuisine toss.