Philadelphia has blessed society with many gifts over the years—the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Philly cheesesteaks, Will Smith, the list goes on. Recently, however, genius struck the area once again when a group of American heroes decided to create the first-ever “pizza mile” in the City of Brotherly Love.

What exactly is a pizza run, you ask? Let’s start from the beginning.

Around the late-80s and early-90’s, college campuses began hosting “beer miles” as a form of competitive of drinking. Though the rules may have varied in the early days, according to, a true race involves drinking a full, 12-ounce beer, with at least 5% alcohol by volume, after every quarter-mile. After four laps, you’re buzzed on 48 ounces of suds as you stumble through the finish line.

West Philly Runners—a local group that meets every Wednesday night to jog through a new part of the city—took the already ingenious concept of beer mile and somehow improved it, creating a pizza-packed marathon instead. 

The group often organizes races, but after a local restaurant was robbed—with thieves making away thousands of dollars—the West Philly Runners decided to start the cheese- and bread-fueled marathon to benefit their frequent haunt, Pasqually’s Pizza.

“We want the gang at Pasqually’s to know that we value what they do in our community,” Alon Abramson, the group’s leader, told Philly Mag. “We want them to feel welcome here and appreciated.”

Twenty-five runners completed the pizza mile, consuming about 15 pizzas, and another 75 people showed up to the event to eat, drink, and support Pasqually’s.

The male and female winners finished the challenge in 6:32 minutes and 9:47 minutes, respectively, and received their prize of pizza cutter-shaped medals.

Charity or no charity, expect pizza miles to take the country by storm any day now.

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