Papa John Schnatter—the founder of the beloved, fast-food pizza chain—is no average man. In 1983, Schnatter sold his Chevy Camaro Z28 for $2,800 to help his father save the family’s bankrupt tavern, and from that moment on, his life has been marked by one selfless deed after another.

When Peyton Manning is looking for a warm body to hold after winning the Super Bowl, it’s Papa John who’s there to plant a tender kiss on his cheek. Need someone to effortless drain a half-court shot at a college basketball game? John Schnatter is your guy. In short, the man is a living legend.

With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that a Nebraska man called on Papa John’s Pizza for help last week when the authorities failed him. In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Eric Olsen was unable to reach his 87-year-old grandmother in Palm Coast, Florida for days. The phone lines were down due to the storm, and local authorities were reportedly too “overwhelmed” from the aftermath to help in Olsen’s search.

Much like the Bat-Signal, Olsen turned to the only vigilantes he could in his time of distress, hastily dialing the number for Papa John’s. And where the police had failed, PJ's succeeded.

When the pepperoni pizza made it to his grandmother’s house, Olsen had instructed the delivery guy to have his grandmother call him from a cellphone. Though Olsen’s grandmother was skeptical—she didn’t order the pizza, and there had been reports of looters preying on victims during previous storms—she eventually opened the door and heard her grandson’s voice on the other line.

“They were there in 30 min with a cell phone in her hand, and a pepperoni pizza of course,” Olsen wrote on Facebook after the rescue mission. “Huge thanks to the Palm Coast Papa Johns!!”

All we can say is God bless America, and God bless Papa John’s.

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