It feels as if Matty Matheson has been everywhere lately. If we had to guess, we’d say the Dead Set on Life host was plotting a Canadian invasion along with Drake and Justin Bieber—but we’ll save that theory for another day. This time, Matheson and Munchies headed to Louisiana, where the chef  teamed up with Tabasco to explore the Bayou State’s hot sauce-soaked history.

“Shit’s spicy out here, dude!” Matheson begins. “Let’s get it!”

While the cook hit up a few restaurants and met up with some old friends from the kitchen—most notably Alon Shaya, the 2015 James Beard Award-winner for best chef in the south—the real meat of the show is Mattheson’s trip to Avery Island, the headquarters of 148-year-old hot sauce company Tabasco.

On Avery Island, Matheson tours Tabasco’s gardens and tastes pepper mash (ground up tabasco peppers and a little bit of salt) before he starts sweating profusely. The host then meets Harold “Took” Osborne, the senior vice president of Tabasco, and gets to taste some soft serve ice cream topped with raspberry chipotle hot sauce.  

The show reached a crescendo when the Canadian cook whips up a traditional Louisiana gumbo, though a few of his guests complain that stew is too hot. After digging into the history of Louisiana hot sauce—and recording a formidable appearance on Hot Ones earlier this year—apparently Matheson is starting to build up a bit of a tolerance.

[via Munchies]