Matty Matheson is back with a brand new season of Vice's Dead Set on Life. And while a trailer for the new episodes teased shots of the Canadian chef donning a luchador mask and playing with swords in the woods, the Season 2 premiere actually featured a touching trip back to Cà Ná, Vietnam with a close friend.

Matheson’s mentor, Rang Nguyen, fled Vietnam at the end of the war in the 1970s, and returned for the first time in decades with his heavyset pupil. Rocking a very merch-able “Master Rang!” t-shirt, Matheson’s mentor takes him through his old stomping grounds, a section of the country famous for making a hearty, anchovy-based fish sauce.

“Cà Ná is a sleepy fishing village that produces some of the best fish sauce in Vietnam,” the chef explains. “But it also produced my best friend and cooking mentor.”

Always the charmer, Matheson shamelessly flirts with some of the local women before him and Rang ride their vespas off into the sunset. The duo proceed to his some of the area’s night markets, eat some savory breakfast crepes bánh xèo, and cook up a bunch of seafood for Rang’s family.

If Episode 1 is any indication, the new season of Dead Set on Life is going to deliver more food, more Master Rang, and a whole lot of feelings.

[via Munchies]