As far as celebrity chefs go, Mario Batali is an OG. The fleece vest-wearing, orange Crock-rocking cook first rose to fame in the 1990s with the success of his show Malto Mario on the Food Network. Now, Batali is getting back in the game with the premiere of his new series on Vice's food channel, Munchies.

Aptly title Moltissimo, the show will feature the chef in the kitchen, preparing meals for his celebrity friends, and apparently a few Vice correspondents, too. The first episode, released Tuesday, saw Batali cooking up some stuff squash with lamb and mint for Rosie Perez and Vice News' Ben Anderson.

If the prospect of Mario Batali cooking in the kitchen of a Brooklyn media company—and using ingredients sourced from its rooftop garden—seems at all off-brand, it's not. Batali has been riding hard for Vice and Munchies for years, appearing on Action Bronson's Fuck That's Delicious and a segment called Masters of Lunch alongside Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang.

Like his love Bronson's music and persona, it was Batali's kids (of course) who first turned the chef on to Munchies.

"The shows were interesting and funny and irreverent and shot with a relatively high level of production value," he told the Hollywood Reporter. But still, he wanted to put his own spin on the formula, rather than follow the lead of other programs on the site. "I don't want to travel around the word like Action Bronson. I don't want to be the crazy Canadian guy. What people liked about my original show is that I cooked."

Well, if Batali praising Vice's "relatively high level of production value" and calling Matty Matheson "the crazy Canadian guy" are any indication, Moltissimo should be entertaining at the least.

Watch the full premiere of Moltissimo, below.

[via Munchies]