Halloween is literally a mixed bag. Every year, there's that one candy bar you spend all of October salivating over, a nougat-y, peanut butter-filled package that visits you in your dreams. But then, there's also a handful of lumpy, no-name "treats" you couldn't pay the neighborhood kids to take off your hands.

Now, in one of the most important studies of our generation, a retail review website called Influenster has polled 40,000 people to find out America's candy preferences by state—and the results are shocking.

While few would be surprised to learn that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups had the highest total number of votes, some area's have truly mind-blowing preferences when it comes to candy. Little could prepare us to see the blue-and-white Life Savers logo emblazoned across the entire state of California, or to learn that South Dakota and Wisconsin are poisoning their children with Laffy Taffy. Candy corn, routinely dragged on the Internet by true candy connoisseurs every Halloween, is the treat of choice in the most number of states: Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee, Texas, and South Carolina.

Unsurprisingly, people are having some very strong, visceral reactions to all of this, and took to Twitter to voice their outrage. A number of users took issue with the inclusion of Oreos (West Virginia, smdh), balking at the fact that a cookie was included on a list of candies at all. 

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