Boys learn a number of important lessons from their fathers over the years—how to throw a baseball, how to ride a bike, how to "fix" things around the house—but if you're growing up with chef Ludo Lefebvre as a dad, few skills are more important than learning how to cook the perfect French omelette.

Back in 2015, Lefebvre practically fathered our own omelette game, schooling First We Feast on how to add black pepper Boursin cheese and white pepper into the mix. Now, as the subject of the new season of PBS' Mind of a Chef, the Petit Trois cook lets viewers in on the process by teaching his adorable son, Luca, how to handle a skillet.

While there's certainly some life lessons in there somewhere ("You gotta crack a couple eggs...."), really the wisdom Lefebvre hopes to impart on his flesh and blood is simple: add more butter.

"Why?" the chef asks. "Because butter tastes good," Luca answers simply.

At this moment, we are all Luca Lefebvre.

[via Eater]