Way back in 2003, the cover of Ludacris’s fourth studio album, Chicken-n-Beer, featured the Atlanta rapper sitting in front of a giant pile of fried chicken as he salted a woman’s leg, leaning forward as if to take a bite. Well, over the years, as the Luda has gone from Dirty South MC to The Fast and the Furious star, it seems Luda’s diet has gotten a bit more healthy, his persona a lot more wholesome.

Last week, the Georgia-bred artist paid a visit to the Atlanta Community Food Bank, donning a blue apron as he showed the city’s children how to make themselves healthy snacks and lead more nutritious lifestyles through the Ludacris Foundation, an organization that “inspires youth through education and memorable experiences.”

The food bank is located just 15 miles from the rapper’s home, and though Luda also brought his personal chef to help out, he could be seen teaching children how to roll their wraps “like a Fruit Roll-Up,” and helped a young boy put his apron on.

“I eat healthy all the time. You know, humbly speaking, I’ve been working out a little bit. You see these arms. That’s because I eat healthy, like, every single day,” the rapper said. “So I want to stress to everybody here how important it is to eat healthy. Grow your own vegetables. And if you can’t grow your own vegetables, you can get fresh produce and fresh vegetables.”


Chef Boy R LUDA!!! #givingback #HealthlyEating #HungerActionMonth #LudaCares @ludacrisfdtn

A video posted by @ludacris on Sep 28, 2016 at 1:39pm PDT

While Ludacris seems to be taking on a positive role in the community, earlier this year—in one of the most epic riders of all time—made the University of Georgia supply him with an actual box of Fruit Roll-Ups backstage. In addition to the snacks, the rapper also requested peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, two bottles of Belvedere Vodka, two bottles of Conjure Cognac, two bottles of Patron Silver, one cases of Snapple, and one box of Trojan Magnum Condoms. The university was ultimately forced to issue a public apology.

To be fair, the peanut butter and jelly fixings were organic. Still, maybe the rapper has finally turned over a new leaf, staying on a strict, wrap-only diet now. Either way, "Chef Boy R Luda" seems to giving the kids the right message.

[via Atlanta Black Star]