Throughout history, there’s been something of an unofficial prank war that exists between fast-food workers and the customers they serve, ranging from something as innocent as placing some extra hot sauce on a restaurant-goers order, to throwing a goddamn alligator in a drive-thru window. Still, whatever you do, don’t mess with a someone’s son, because his mother will drag the living crap out of you online.

Earlier this week, a woman named Teeneshia Bush penned a scathing Facebook post after her 15-year-old son, Quenterus Brown, received a receipt from a Mobile, Alabama Wendy’s with the word’s “Lil Ugly Dude" written across the bottom. 

Though “Lil Ugly Dude” sounds like an incredible rap name, Quenterus is disabled and the restaurant workers were cruelly laughing at him as he struggled to find out what was so funny. The teenager has experienced instances of bullying at school and the incident caused him to break down in tears before running out of the restaurant.

“It hurt my feelings, it made me cry I was embarrassed and I felt bad,” he told WKRG.

The day after the incident, Bush posted about the situation on Facebook, garnering close to 2,000 shared and attracting the attention of local news.

“This is unacceptable and unprofessional. My child was so embarrassed and upset he said the whole store was laughing at him including the manager,” Bush wrote. “I play about a lot of things but my kids isn't one. My ghetto side was telling me to go back up there and let them have it. But I rather do it the right way.”

After the post went viral, Wendy's director of management services, Ed Sheffield, released a statement, claiming that the employee responsible for the receipt had been fired.

“We were certainly disappointed to learn that one of our employees treated a guest in such a rude manner," he said. "We take this seriously, and we no longer employ this individual.”

Though it remains unclear whether Wendy’s will do anything else to rectify the situation, in the meantime Bush has changed her Facebook cover photo. “Smh,” one friend wrote. “Nothing ugly about this young man to me.”

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