The NBA season is right around the corner. And while most players are working out the kinks in their games—or tweaking the chemistry with new teammates—Lebron James, your reigning Finals MVP, is eating popcorn.

That’s right. Though King James sat out Thursday night's Cavaliers-Raptors pre-season game, he did seem to enjoy himself, lounging on the sidelines and munching on some stadium buttery snacks.


While LeBron seems to be chilling for now—appearing in Sprite commercials and weighing in on national politics after snagging another ring last years—there are only 11 days until the regular season starts, and sharp-shooting Hennessey-lover J.R. Smith has yet to re-signed with the Cavs.

Perhaps James is hoping to lure Smith back to Cleveland with the promise of snacks. Exactly a year ago, the hard-partying guard could be seen buying cotton candy from the bench during a game.

Still, the Cavs aren’t the only NBA team that likes to get their snack-on from the court. On Thursday, Kevin Durant could also be seen stealing some nachos from a fan during practice with the Golden State Warriors.


Khalil & Kevin Durant chop it up over nachos #DubbNation #klaywiththesteal #Warriors

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[via Bleacher Report]