There's nothing fast-food chain's can't mold a piece of fried chicken into these day. Though KFC's Double Down has long been a staple of the restaurant chain's menu—sandwiching some bacon between two pieces of poultry—so far this year, competitors like Taco Bell have attempted to turn fried chicken chunks into everything from tortilla chips to taco shells.

Now, in the latest development in a series of frightening fast-food innovations, KFC is expanding the release of the "Chizza," a fried chicken breast-pizza hybrid.

Besides sounding like a forgotten member of Wu-Tang Clan, the Chizza features tomato sauce, grated cheese, pepperoni, diced green onion, and what appears to be pineapple (?). And while a slice of pizza topped with chicken cutlet is nothing out of the ordinary in the states, when it comes to the Chizza, the chicken is the pie, with all the other ingredients layered on top.

According to Rocket News 24, the dish has been a popular menu item in countries like India and the Philippines for months, but will debut for the first time in Japan beginning November 1.

Though it appears the Chizza is slowly heading toward world domination, Rocket News 24 is skeptical that the item will ever make it stateside, claiming the dish too closely resembles chicken parmesan.

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