It’s common knowledge that Justin Timberlake is a pretty chill dude. The pop star has been stealing hearts since his days as a Mouseketeer, and NSYNC was a brief, bleach-blond pit-stop on the way to rocking a never-ending array of finely tailored tuxedos, suit jackets, and designer fedoras.

Sure, JT had some problematic tweets during the BET Awards earlier this year, but now the singer is making it up to the Internet the only way he knows how—with pizza.

Timberlake—who you might remember from his Academy Award-winning performances in Alpha Dog, The Love Guru, and Friends with Benefits—is back on the screen, this time with a Netflix concert documentary called Justin Timberlake & The Tennessee Kids. Knowing that the film’s debut would be the perfect fodder for a Netflix and Chill session, the pop star tweeted his fans, asking them to share their best #JT2020Tour memories. As added incentive, JT was also offering some free ‘za to his most loyal followers.

True to his word, the singer’s fans found pizzas magically delivered to their doors a few days later, and JT wasted no time posting the evidence on twitter.

One fan even decided to share his winning pizza with those staying at a homeless encampment. Clearly, only Justin Timberlake and the Pope know how to bring peace to the world with pizza.

Earlier this year, Rihanna had 20 boxes of pizza delivered to fans while they waited in the rain for tickets to her concert. It was a nice gesture, but luckily JT wised up and didn’t force fans to eat pineapple-topped ‘za like RiRi.

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