Last month, Jimmy John’s announced that it had sold a majority stake in its company to a private equity firm, signaling that the Illinois-based sandwich chain would soon become a global, hoagie-slinging force to be reckoned with. Well, it seems like Jimmy John’s might feeling itself just a little too much, joining the ever-expanding ranks of restaurants who should have their Twitter passwords taken away from them.

On Wednesday night, Twitter user @WeNotSocks tweeted out a pretty brutal comment about the quality of his Jimmy John’s sandwiches, claiming that he’d “eaten ass that tastes better than their subs.”

Still, you can’t just disrespect a Jimmy John’s sub and get away with it. Shortly thereafter, the official JJ Twitter account went from 0 to 100 extremely quick, questioning whether @WeNotSocks had, in fact, ever performed analingus.

In these situations, usually an ill-advised intern has gotten hold of the restaurant’s login info, or the company’s over-worked social media manager has finally received one too many tweets comparing their employers’ product to a butt. Either way, the result was highly entertaining to watch unfold.

Eventually, Jimmy John’s deleted the tweet—offering a mea culpa to @WeNotSocks—but screenshots live on forever. Plus, the all-star Twitter troll then gave JJ a nod of approval.

Earlier this year, Chipotle tweeted a strange, nonsensical poll about sex and weed, and received similar outrage online. At least Jimmy John’s took the L like a champ.

[via BroBible]