If you've ever worked at a restaurant a big restaurant in New York City, or Los Angeles, you probably know the protocol when it comes to celebrity diners. A manager or a server will generally poke their head into the kitchen and tell the chef or line cooks that there's a VIP in the house. In the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, however, there are approximately 53 celebrities—and they all play for the Packers. So when tight end Jared Cook went out to eat at a local Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesday, he might have expected some special treatment, but he definitely did not expect a fried chicken head to be in his box of lemon pepper wings.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what he got. Cook shared a gruesome photo of his order on Twitter Friday. 

Unless Buffalo Wild Wings made some drastic changes to its menu, we're going to guess that's not what the player ordered. Apparently, the chicken head made its way into the fryer, got tossed in some "extra-wet" lemon-pepper seasoning, and placed into a box without anyone in the kitchen noticing. 

If you're in the Green Bay area, we're guessing a job might be opening up soon at the local BWW. Get those resumes ready, people. 

[via BroBible]