The second presidential debate left Parts Unknown fans in a lurch on Sunday night, clinging to last week’s Nashville episode as they wait another seven days to watch Bourdain get drunk in Sichuan, China with Eric Ripert.  

Still, what Parts Unknown viewers didn’t get to see last week was the complete culmination of Bourdain’s Nashville trip—a blowout house party at the Kills singer Alison Mosshart’s home, which she lovingly refers to as “Disgraceland.” The rager included in-home tattoos—to which Bourdain obviously obliged—lots of deviled eggs, and live performances from the Kills, William Tyler, and Jack White’s band, the Dead Weather.

“In the end, though my crew took casualties, we limped back to New York damaged but happy—and with a truly once-in-a-lifetime show in our memory cards,” Bourdain wrote in September. “No one has ever been nicer or more awesome.”

Rescued from the cutting room floor, all three sets from the evening are now available via White’s Third Man Records, compiled into an album titled Live at Disgraceland. Though the record is only available as part of a subscription service, fans can purchased Live at Disgraceland by signing up for a quarterly membership by October 31. In addition to the Parts Unknown sets, fans can also talk to Jack White and “Third Man employees” in a chatroom like it’s 2003. The whole package will set Parts Unknown Stans back a cool $60, and unfortunately the deal does not include Bourdain-inspired temporary tattoos.

“Anthony Bourdain and his team descended on Nashville hungry for culture and knowledge (as well as hot chicken, tasting plates, and tequila); they visited every nook and cranny of this town, hung with the locals, ate like czars, partied like rock stars, and woke up every morning fresh as daisies and ready to do it again,” the label’s website reads. “This is a man after our own heart and we were so happy to welcome him into our world for a few, too-short days.”

A snippet from the raucous record can be found on Third Man Records’ SoundCloud page.

[via Eater]