First, there was the woman from Taiwan who stood tall in the face of Typhoon Megi, refusing to let go of her pork bun even as 100 mile-an-hour winds battered her from every direction. Now, the Internet has fallen in love with a new hero: “Starbucks Uncle.”

All week, Hong Kong has been hit with extreme flash floods as Super Typhoon Haima hurdles closer and closer to the city, filling its streets with more than two inches of rain every hour. Still, while some have panicked, others have chosen to stay calm, taking their minds of the imminent danger by reading a newspaper in a partially-flooded Starbucks.

According to BuzzFeed, this hero was spotted at a coffee shop in Chai Wan district, and the Internet quickly rewarded the man for his bravery by turning him into a meme.

Lovingly nicknamed “Starbucks Uncle,” the man’s photo began circulating around Chinese and American social media on Wednesday, and it wasn’t long before users were putting his serene pose in increasingly hazardous scenarios.

[via BuzzFeed, Extra Crispy]