The Internet is a strange, glorious, and often terrifying place to spend one’s time. Where else but the World Wide Web could one be inundate with a near-constant barrage of Pepe the Frog and crying Jordan memes? But we digress. As of today, there is a new force to be reckoned with on the Internet—an imgur user named elegante101, who has inexplicably been replacing photos of smartphones with perfect sticks of creamy butter.

According to Food & Wine, this master’s class in Photoshop trolling began late last week and quickly captivated the masses over the weekend. Elegante101 has now reached the status of “Idolized”on Imgur—a strange, hierarchical point-system that ranks users of the image-sharing site—thanks to the photo series, and is most likely signing a book deal at this very moment.

But who is elegante101, really? Well, according to his profile, it’s a dude named Scott Kolanach who once entered a Guy Fieri Photoshop contest on Reddit, placing a box of L’oreal “Root Rescue” in the hands of the frosty-tipped Mayor of Flavortown. Still, we think that elegante101 is more of a Banksy figure, choosing to critique our society’s fat-filled obsession with smartphones and social media from behind a veil of butter-soaked anonymity.

Anyways, click through the photos below. Before you know it, Jaden Smith will be holding sticks of butter up to his ears instead of boxes of water.

[via FWx]