Though it feels ridiculous to say, Cheetos are kind of having a moment right now. While in the past Doritos, Cheetos' nacho cheese-powdered nemesis, has often taken center stage—coating Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos—today Burger King's deep-fried Mac 'n Cheetos have done much to tip the scales. Shortly after Burger King unveiled its new snack-food-fast-food nightmare, Taco Bell came out with a Cheetos-stuffed burrito, and food bloggers began using ground-up cheese puffs to sprinkle their mozzarella sticks and finger foods.

Well, life comes at you fast, and we may have very quickly reached peak Cheetos recipe. Earlier this week, JP Lambiase, a food blogger who runs the somewhat aptly titled YouTube channel Healthyjunkfood, uploaded a video which showed the chef crafting a deep-dish, mac n' cheese topped pizza stuffed with pulled pork. And while those ingredients alone could give the average man a clogged artery, the icing on the cake was a doughy, Cheetos-dusted crust.

According to the Independent, each slice of this pie packs roughly 700 calories, and in the past Lambiase could be seen making concoctions like multi-colored "galaxy" pizza, a rainbow onion ring volcano, and a sandwich packed with 100 slices of bacon.

Though it's hard to argue that anything involving artificial nacho cheese powder could be healthy, instead Lambiase says he makes these recipes to quell craving during dieting.

"[T]hese recipes aren't necessarily healthy and aren't meant to be a new way of life," the blogger writes on his website. "[T]hey are to calm the cravings during a cheat day, or a stressful day, etc. Think of it as a non-alcoholic beer."

This thing might just kill your cravings for a year.

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